Happy Spring, Pagan peoples!

I'm all stocked up on herbs to plant on the next sunny day I have off:

Happy Spring, Pagan peoples!

But I need to find some lemon balm. I LOVE LEMON BALM. Boil it up with a vanilla bean, add honey, DELISH.

My nature-loving city-dweller depression is tough in the spring, but the flowering trees do help. Love the stark rich pink of dogwood blossoms against black branches. Dark almost purply storm-cloudy skies against the bright yellowy green of new leaves. And lilacs!! The lilacs are in bloom and they're my favorite flower. So short-lived but so wonderful.

I'm deeply regretting this year that I've lent out my copy of The Curse of Chalion because I'd love to reread it. I highly recommend the series for Pagan fantasy readers, especially if you like A Song of Ice and Fire but want a little more hope and a little less fire sacrifices from the only visible divine presence.

What are your personal spring traditions?