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Anyone into tarot at all?

I love collecting tarot decks. I've been reading cards for about fourteen years now, but I just recently started collecting decks for the hell of it.

The primary deck I use is the Spiral Tarot. It was given to me as a gift a billion years ago. It wasn't the sort of deck my teenaged self would have picked automatically, but I've really grown to love the art.

Other decks in my collection:

- Tarot of the Cat People because, well, because kitty.

- A mini version of the Rider-Waite deck.

- The Erotic Tarot by Milo Manara. I never use this deck for reading, but the art is pretty and I <3 naked people. The deck is most definitely NSFW, as any good erotic deck should be, so I didn't link it. But it's easy enough to find on Amazon.


- The Wildwood Tarot. I love this deck but it is extremely hard to read with. Or at least, that's been my experience so far since it deviates quite a bit from the Rider-Waite standard. The art is absolutely beautiful. It's an updated version of the Greenwood Tarot, which is a discontinued deck and can be purchased for a hefty price.

Anyone else into tarot and have some gorgeous decks in their collection?

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