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Building an Altar

Hey my witchy friends!
So I have made no secret about being a jaded former pagan. I was raised with it, so once I got older and independent I made a show of not practising. I really miss it though. I feel like I have kind of let go of little bits of myself and my spirituality was a big part of that. There's a longer, sadder story there but on to the more important part: I think I'm ready to start practicing again.

I am going to start with an altar!
So I thought I would run it by peeps before I went about actually assembling it. Like a play by play of the process.


Not my altar- but boy is it pretty!

Step 1: Choosing a place!
Dudes. I love my boyfriend fiercely. But he thinks this is all mumbo jumbo and since we share a bedroom, I think I have to take his feelings into account. So I am going to do an outdoor altar! It's my first one. I picked a little corner on our balcony that is protected from rain, but might have some issues with wind. So I'll have to come up with a solution to that.

Step 2: Setting up the Standard Fare


As the initiated among you know, there is no standard way to set up an altar. Each group has they own "this is how you do it" ideas. Above is the one I am most familiar with and I believe is pretty closely aligned with the Gardner-Buckland version of things.
But there are tons of options:


When it comes to Altars, I am on Team You Do You.
Seriously. I don't think any of these are wrong.


This will be a from scratch process for me since I left all of my things with my parents in NB. I don't think I can bring my athame home with me over the holidays! I supposed I could ask them to ship it, but that would involve me Mom digging through my stuff and even though I love her dearly, Nah.

Step 3: Choosing Extraneous Contents.
This is the hardest step.
These are the thinks I place on my altar that aren't included in the standard altar set-up. They are my talismans, and helped me organize my thoughts, and focus when I see them or hold them. I am a big fan of shifting the altar seasonally, but I also have a few pieces that are permanent fixtures.


-My Virgin Mary pendant that was passed down from my Romani great-grandmother Rosemarie [This might seem weird, but it has always fit well for me]
-A chunk of amethyst I got from my Mom for my 12th birthday
-A chunk of Rose Quartz I found during a walk
-A shitty plastic compass that I love, and that reminds me of my way home

This will be a longer process. I tend to find things, or see things like feathers and sticks and they just end up on my altar. This is my favourite thing about having one. I'm that crazy lady with a cluttered altar!


How did you guys set up your altars? Was it a serious thing, or a light-hearted project that you picked away at? If you feel comfortable feel free to share pics of them too!

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