A welcoming, disorganized, amorphous group

I belong to.....

A pagan sect(not named deliberately) made up mostly of chaos(black, balanced, primal, primordial, and whatever your religion says it is) magic practitioners. The kind that you would be justified in burning or swallowing in the earth(for the uninitiated this was being buried alive).

I therefore have very strongly held beliefs as well as proofs. So a step over HL.

It has some very wide ranging beliefs as well as practices, being as old as Christ.


Some of them are "kill anything that raises its head in your direction", "save what you can and harm not without death", "life is a spark that burns brighter than flame(this is human sacrifice mind you". Obviously translated from every possible language on earth.

Some curses are "turn inside out without a face", "burn for 12 mins in green toad flame", etc.

Some are healing the soul and mind, leaving age behind, stasis in time but not space and vice versa, complete stasis, giving your life to another, granting a boon covered by [redacted](treaty).

Others can bring on the apocalypse such as destruction of a soul, creation of a soul, (souls are like a galaxy of pulsars). Destroying death, speeding up time, etc, Obviously never done.


So, I can, as some of my forefather's dying wishes asked, use some of them to bring about the church's destruction as they asked right? And would be justified according to SCOTUS? And we don't just use magic. Mine is a religion of war. I know my way around. ANY LAWYER'S OPINION ?

(I am not going to do anything, even though my companies are closely held, cause my religion also says no to harm anyone unless harmed and to help people without anything in return, not even the possibility of heaven as we only have a hell. Also cause I'm against hurting people just to protect an uncertain future possibility)


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