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Sacred Natural Sites Photo Contest

I wanted to take some edge off (I’m in Europeland and it’s pretty on edge atm) but I still have to sit here at work for awhile so I thought I’d delight you with some pretty images from the Maavalla Sacred Natural Sites Photo Contest that just closed yesterday. All the winning entries here. Last year’s winning entries in English here.

I’d like to begin with this photo of a sacred stream on my ancestral island that I also happened to visit for the first time this summer:


wait, I should have a crappy phone pic as well:

next up, it’s the overall winning entry of one of the oldest sacred (and regular) trees in Estonia. By local lore, it is home to a fire deity (it’s pretty far from my usual stomping grounds and roots so I don’t really feel like I could tell you a lot about it)


and maybe end with a sacred grove I’d very much like to visit next. I think I have driven around there, but I didn’t know there was a grove nearby.


MARI-ANN REMMEL - Odalätsi stream after rain
me - Odalätsi stream
MARTIN MARK - The very old and the even older (Oak of Tamme-Lauri)
MATI KOSE - Lifeforce (umm.. something... ugh, translating is hard!) (Linden at Ilumäe sacred grove)

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