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Tarot via Twitter

Today for kinja user Hotfreypie's birthday, I thought a tarot card reading would be a great long distance gift! I had never tried giving a tarot card reading long distance before, but I think it actually worked!

Here was the setup:


I usually don't open a circle for doing tarot, but thought I should as it is through twitter. (Brag: That broom of mine was made by the people who made the brooms in Harry Potter :P) I also put my pendulum in the circle to help make the right choices in cards. I used my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Before opening the circle, I asked Hotfreypie if we could both think of the same scene or colour while I was choosing the cards.

After cleansing the space and opening the circle, I imagined her before me, and connected our energies. Then, I thought of the scene she described to me, and pulled 3 cards for the future.

It was something I never thought about doing before, but I actually had fun, and really felt that it worked!

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